A Safe Home for Seniors
A Safe Home for Seniors

Do you know that there is a growing number of seniors who are living independently? With staggering numbers of the seniors that live in isolation are at high risk of various accidents like falls, poisoning, burns and even crime related injuries. Did you know that seniors are a frequent target of burglars? In 2014, Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) announced that 93 percent of crimes against the elderlies were property crimes like motor vehicle theft, household burglary, and another related robbery. Moreover, these criminals do not leave the house without hurting the elderlies; that is why there are significant reports of non-fatal violence crimes against elderlies.


In another case, letting the seniors live alone can be unhealthy and unsafe. If you notice, several elderlies are experiencing a decrease in cognitive functioning related to early stage of dementia or Alzheimer's. Moreover, these people are at high risk of falls, broken bones or hips, and even death resulted from a combination of poor eyesight and the possible presence of safety hazards.


Do have an elderly loved one that currently stays alone by himself? If you do, today is the right time to take initial action that will keep him from harm. How?


Have time to keep track on your loved ones' daily activities. Keeping your loved one's activities on record, you can assist their needs, mentally, physically and security.


Here are some tips how you can keep your loved one's life safe and secure even if you are away:


·         Always let them keep emergency numbers handy.


Write the information in a clear and large print, so that they can easily read phone numbers during emergencies, hurry, and frightening situations.


You can list these numbers:

·         911 for emergency situations

·         Poison control

·         A family member or friend, starting with people who are close to your loved one's place.

·         You can provide them the medical alert device.


Providing them this device is the most efficient investment that you can provide to your loved one. In the case of emergency situations like fall, accident, and other injuries that need medical attention, they can just press on the SOS help button to get the needed assistance. There are several types of medical devices available in the market, and this website can help you choose one.


Moreover, several medical alert reviews have proven how beneficial this device to several seniors. If your loved one wants their independence right on their hands, at least invest in this device so that you can keep them safe even if you are far away from them.


·         Safety-proof your loved one's home.


If you consider on securing your home is vital to you and your family's existence, then it is also important to provide the senior a secure home even without you near them. You can install cameras that can keep them from criminals and or immediately assist them if faced with critical health situations.


Moreover, safety is one of the most vital in human existence. Even Abraham Maslow had agreed that safety must be considered essential to human needs. Thus, when people talk about safety, add to your list the safety of your senior loved ones.

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